IMG_0150 squareI’m a writer, journalist and editorial consultant living in the Dominican Republic. In January 2018, I joined ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider, where I help advocate for more security and privacy online.

In 2014, I created Latterly, an independent magazine reporting on human rights, politics and conflict. We published hundreds of stories reported from more than 40 countries. Some of our work was co-published with major magazines like Newsweek and Smithsonian Magazine. The magazine has been added to the Library of Congress. I closed the magazine in 2018.

I’m the editor of the English-language edition of the Italian national newspaper il manifesto. My journalism has appeared in NewsweekThe Boston GlobeThe Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times. I’ve worked on staff at the Bangkok Post, the South Florida Sun Sentinel and the Naples Daily News. As an editorial consultant, I’ve collaborated with a number of publications and NGOs, including UNHCR, Transparency International, Publish What You Pay and BIPAI.

My wife is a human rights attorney, and we’ve lived and worked in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Italy and Jordan. I also speak Spanish and Italian.

You can reach me at ben at